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NABB Burmese Breed Rescue Program Success Stories


Here are what our Burmese adopters have to say abour their Burmese...

Yodi - a 3 year old sable male that needed to be rehomed due to his aggression with other cats: "This has been the FASTEST and EASIEST adjustment of golden to Burm, Burm to golden I've EVER experienced! Let me just say really fast that Yodi lets Willow lick his fur, as if Willow is giving him a bath. Willow lets Yodi knead his front paws into her fur as if Willow were Yodi's mother I don't know which is more amazing! They have adjusted to each other so quickly that when Yodi walks by, Willow doesn't immediately go and follow him or sniff him. I have never seen Willow so happy. She has a smile, literally, on her face all the time. She is so GRATEFUL to have an animal companion and friend! And Yodi loves this new very large CAT in his life. Right now Willow is asleep at my feet by the computer, and Yodi is asleep on the floor on the other side of my feet with his feet up in the air just like you said he would sleep! It is a picture." - Nancy, New Hampshire

Kimba and Moet - two 5 year old sables that their owner could no longer afford to keep: "They're adjusting pretty quickly already, exploring all the nooks and crannies, staking out all the good sleeping spots and being very affectionate! They're so adorable. I can't tell you how delighted I am. Thanks again for providing the forum to make this possible." - Andrew, San Fransisco, CA

Albert - an 11 year old sable male that his owner no longer wanted "We adopted Albert on 12/24. He is doing wonderfully! He has bonded with my son and has already made himself a member of the family. Thank you for helping us make my son so very happy." Katie, Dallas, TX

Bambi - a six year old sable spay that her owner no longer wanted: "Bambi is doing great! She and my one-year-old Burmese after only 3 days were playing "chase me" and having a ball. My two other cats think she's Becky (the one-year-old) whom they love anyway. So everyone is happy and Bambi is fitting in seamlessly. She is a little leary of my dog, but he has always had cats, one more is nothing to him. Bambi is a real cuddle-bunny. She's eating well and teaching Becky mischief that Becky never thought of. I think she is enjoying her new life. We love her! Thanks for all your hard work with the Burmese rescues, Bambi was worth the wait." - Mary-Alice, Maine

Porter - Chester and another cat were dropped off at a kill shelter in the Cocoa, FL area because his owner had too many cats: "Chester, is now named Porter, since his color reminds me of a porter style beer, and he has a habit of carrying his toys all over the house. He's doing great. He was a bit of a chicken when we first got him home, but he's adjusted fine, gained a pound or so, and sleeps in bed. He's not as 'velco' as our first Burmese was, isn't really a lap cat, but is content to be in the room with you all the time. He will allow anyone to hold him for a bit, and does like being petted." - Ken & Donna, Florida
click here for a picture of Porter

Matt - Matt was TEN years old and when his breeder died, a non-Burmese breeder took all of the cats, there were too many for the woman and the group she was working with to handle and not enough money to take to the vet. The 5 males were dropped at kill shelter, 3 were labeled as unadoptable because they were "vicious, unhandleable, and had major medical bills to become healthy cats". They had less than 2 hrs before they were scheduled to be euthanized. Matt needed: 2 dromidary humps of "matted" fur to be shaved off of back, fluids, antibiotics, vaccinations, eye surgery on both eyes, teeth cleaned, bad teeth removed, to be neutered, good food, & love. He was a sweet, gentle boy who needed a home where he wouldn't get lost in the crowd and would get the care, love, and attention that he needed and deserved: "He is doing absolutely wonderful!! : ) He is an absolute hoot!!! And, if our playtime begins to get too rough, all I have to say is 'be nice' and he backs down. When I'm home, he's always on our bed waiting and if I'm puttering around (especially around bed time, throwing dirty clothes in the appropriate bin, slipping into my pj's, etc., he monitors me very carefully and is on the corner closest to me, it's kinda hard to turn down a head pat. The other day, he curled up by my neck and shoulder and placed his head on my shoulder..... What a sweetie. " - Sara, Illinois

Sid - Sid, 2yrs old, same story as Matt. He was supposed to be "REALLY VICIOUS" which is why he was named Sid (only thing vicious about him was his name). He had damage to 1 eye (iris fused to back of eyeball, untreated eye infection), possible diminished sight in that eye. (It can't be treated now, doesn't cause him any problems and isn't a health issue). Was VERY frightened and needed time to learn to trust. LOVES body rubs,pompoms, and teasers, bonded with 1 of the Burmkitteer kittens and the 2 were placed together so Sid wouldn't have to be uprooted from his entire foster family: "Sid is doing wonderfully. He is comming out when we have company over and allowing them to pet him as long as they stay seated. He loves to take naps with us and sleeps at night with us as well. At night, he seems to be a little restless due to his cat naps during the day. We are so excited about the progress he is showing. Terry is as playful as a kitten should be. When it is time for bed, he jumps up on the bed and tries to get our toes. Sometimes, Sid will join him and they will wrestle for a while. We are so thankful to have both of them in our family, and enjoy every minute with them. " - Tom, SaraBeth and Jud, Georgia

2 champagne brothers in Chicago
-The owner had 4 cats and moved from a house to a very small apartment, 2 cats were too many. Their new owner, Reenie contacted Kirsten who does pure breed rescues in the Wisconsin-Chicago area for a Burmese. Kirsten referred her to us. And the two cats joined a lonely 12 year old Burmese and live just a few blocks from their previous owner.

Karma - It took a year for 10 year old Karma to find a new home, but everyone agrees it was worth the wait. Her new owners write - At your request to hear a little more about our adoption of little Ms. Karma... We are absolutely thrilled to have found her. She is just perfect for us. We just had to put our 16 year old Burmese, Claire, to sleep as she had cancer. Karma is just want we needed! She is a doll and full of spunk... she seems very happy and is as playful and affectionate as she can be. We are so happy to have had the opportunity to adopt her in to our family. Thank you guys for maintaining this wonderful website! click here for a picture

Kaz, Bear, and Kieffer - These three boys were adopted into a wonderful family, the new owners write - I thought you be happy to know that they're all doing great. Even though they each have different personalities they've become best buddies. Kaz is the cuddly, friendly one who's always in motion. No matter what I'm doing, he has to be there to check it out. Bear is very shy, but little by little he's learning to trust me and now lets me pet him. He loves to play with the kitty tease toys and anything with catnip in it. And then there's Kieffer, the little guy, who follows me around the house hoping for a back scratch. They're all just wonderful companions. I'm so glad the Burmese Rescue group has been able to make cats like these three available for adoption. Take care. -Shelli
click here for a picture of Kaz!
click here for a picture of Kieffer!

click here for a picture of Bear!

Jaz - Jaz's owner passed away. But, she now has a new home. A very special "thank you" goes out to both Betsy Ward and Suzanne Berrin for taking the time and extra effort to go out and rescue Jaz from her house in Los Angeles, transport her to her new foster home in San Diego, Suzanne Berrin's house, and then find a great new home for her, too. Thank you, Burmese Rescue volunteers. click here for a picture of Jaz with her new owner!

Marcos and Rosa - Marcos and Rosa have been adopted by Kim Adamson; she used to have a burmese, and is so glad she now has these two. She is in the Marine Corp Reserves, went to Iraq for 7months, but now is a Sr. Active Judge in Utah. She is here in the Washington DC area because of the Marine Corp Marathon (she is a co-ordinator), and lives in a temporary apartment in Arlington, VA. She will be returning to her home in Utah after the marathon, and they will accompany her. Kim is very excited, and thrilled that she found them. She fell in love with them immediately. (They are not hard to fall in love with). She's been on the waiting list of Burmese Rescue for a while, and when she got the email, she rushed over! So they now have a happy home.
click here for a picture of Marcos and Rosa with their new owner!

The Oklahoma Gang, One Member Short - It almost seems like yesterday, but on December 16th, Nestle, the second Burm we adopted and our oldest at 22, went to Rainbow Bridge. I would like to thank all the people involved with the NABB rescue effort for helping us to find the most regal feline in the world. Grace and I are starting an internet business, no spam intended, but we put Nestlé's photo on the web at Nestle was on the NABB web site for, I'd guess 8 months. Naturally no one wants to adopt an "old geezer"! We had adopted Jasmine the year before and thought she might like a little companionship. Might also slow down the mandatory games of fetch at 3 in the morning! So Nestlé was pushing 20 when we met the previous owner half way and brought the guy to his new home. My wife made me sleep on the floor in the sewing room, his quarantine, for three days. From that time, until the night before his passing, he spent time, usually hours, in my lap getting combed. He loved the flea comb under his chin! When he wasn't in my lap, he was on a cat bed next to the computer! Unfortunately, age got the better of him, as it will with us. His bone density dropped, developed severe arthritis and started to stagger. When we started to adopt senior Burmese, we made a promise to each other and to each new addition to the Oklahoma Gang. When the time came, we would see that they did not suffer needlessly. We mourn. We cry. But Nestle passed in my arms still purring. I miss him very much. And the rest of the crowd misses him as well. They still wander the house looking for him... So now our oldest is at 18, and we will press on. Having a Senior Kitizen is one of the better things in life! Grace and I are not ready to adopt another now. Maybe in a few months, when the right situation comes along. If you have friends looking to adopt a cat, tell them the best feeling in the world is a house with Senior's! Thanks for reading this far... - Dave and Grace Erickson

Blue - Blue: We had found NABB through a search, as our family had already saved one loveable Burmese, and was longing for another. We had recently lost our dog, and the first cat, Jasmine, really needed a companion for when the family was at school and work. We found Blue, a gorgeous blue American Burmese, who needed a new home because constant travel was wearing on him. Well my brother and I insisted that Blue was the cat for us, and more importantly the cat for Jasmine, as he was already living in a multi-pet household. Surely, when we first got him, times were somewhat tough. Jasmine is more territorial than we realized, I suppose, and was certainly more aggressive than we expected. However as time passed and they got used to each others existence, they developed a loving, if not strange, relationship that lasts to this day. If you are worried about getting a cat because you already have one, or are struggling to adapt two to each other, stick with it! Trust me, it will be truly rewarding in the end. - Steve

Sabri's Christmas Miracle
My name is Sabri. I am a sable Burmese princess and I am a very lucky girl. My world fell apart a few weeks ago when my person died. And then, just like that, I was taken out of my home and I was almost put to sleep at an animal shelter in Zanesville, Ohio. It was four days past my euthanasia date, when a lot of very nice people saved my life. I spent the weekend with my precious foster family, who dropped everything and drove two hundred miles to come and get me before it was too late. I am now in my new home sitting by the fire, with my new forever family, who drove all day to bring me home for the holiday. And an extra happy holiday it will be for me, thanks to all of you!--Sabri click here for a picture of Sabri basking by the fireplace in her new home!

Special thanks go to:

Kate Tolwinski for contacting NABB Rescue and letting us know about Sabri;

Nancy Van Niel, foster parent in every sense;

Emily, Lisa and Jack Breece for giving Sabri a new forever home;

And, yes, the Zanesville, Ohio shelter, too, who gave her an extra four days. It was enough time.

Thanks also to everyone who participated in this rescue by offering their homes, their hearts, their prayers and their financial support.

Since July 2000, NABB has directly assisted in the placement of more than 1000 Burmese.
We are proud to have helped so many wonderful Burmese!

Please contact our rescue coordinator at for detailed information and adoption procedures.





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